Elderly care center “St. Andrew” provide care for the elderly: accommodation, primary care, medical care specifies various pathologies collaboration with specialists in all medical fields.

Voluntari City, Becheanului Road No 65 bis, only 10 minutes Bucur Obor.
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Primary health care


● permanent medical supervision
● administration of medications orally, intravenously, intramuscularly, infusion
● monitoring physiological parameters: temperature, respiratory rate and
heart rate, pulse, blood pressure, urine output and chair …

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Specific care pathology:


● assisted daily personal hygiene
● assisted bathroom weekly, or whenever necessary
● mobility aid
● serving food to bed, ate aid
● application pampers, bedpan, basinet

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Accommodation and food

Accommodation is in
● rooms with 2 or all 3 beds
● living room complete with library and TV
● dining area
● fully equipped modern kitchen

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0726 708 200
Dr. Șuba Sorin